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Photo Keepsake Ornament Monthly Subscription

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Our monthly membership gets you (or a loved one!) one Photo Keepsake Ornament every month. You will be charged $26 per month for this membership.


We take pride in making these special for each of you.

How it works:

1. Join Photo Ornament Keepsake by purchasing a Membership. We have a monthly membership, a 6 month membership, a year membership and a one-time purchase membership(perfect as a gift!)

2. Each month you will receive one of our Handcrafted Photo Keepsake Ornaments using your favorite photo (sent via email or text). Each are 2×2 inches is size and double sided. The year with a different design each month will be on the back of the ornament complimenting your photo. Each is complete with a ribbon and hook ready for hanging. With your favorite memories we create a keepsake that will be your favorite holiday tradition. Think of all the family and friends that would love these!

3. Start your subscription today and fill your tree with your favorite memories! They will be more beautiful than you ever Imagined!

And that’s it! Check out our FAQ below for more info.